8 Best Suitable Makeup Hacks For You, If You Have An Oval Face

There’s nothing serious about having an oval face. Actually, it’s quite attractive and one owning this piece of perfectness should know how to beautify it. If you have an oval face, then you must be willing to know about the kind of makeup suiting it.

1. Natural foundation

Well, foundations have absolutely nothing to do with your face shape . You just need to apply a foundation that matches your skin tone.

2. Lip art

If you’re constantly in a dilemma of your makeup looking unnatural and overdone. Here’s the reason . Having an oval face, if you add a lot of drama to your lips , then you should be keeping your eyes simple. Doing them altogether can ruin your complete look.

3. Adding eye makeup

You can carry each eye makeup with utmost grace. Creamy shadow and thick lashes can give you an amplified look. But never do both your lips and eyes at the same time.

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4. The cheek bones

You can apply any shade of bronzer but the thing is that you’ve to apply it in small amounts. Go for some lighter shades and notice the change. Prevent yourself from creating thick layers of bronzer as it will ruin your look.

5. Shuffle between the shades

Never use the same color of bronzer and highlighter. If you opt for a light bronzer , then go for a dark highlighter and vice versa.

6. Blush rush

Playing with mild coral and light pink blush can add a lot of beauty to your face. Remember to use a powdered pink blush with in and out strokes (very gentle) to complete your face makeup.

7. Glossy lips

Lip glosses add much more glamour to oval faced people than any other shape. You should mostly opt for glosses over lipstick. Add it to a dramatic eye makeup and enjoy your evening.

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