Did You Know Your Palmistry Reveals About Your Personality

Palmistry has long been used since ancient times.It depicts the past, the present and the future according to the palmistry specialist. It also reveals about your personality traits in general. Want to find out about yourself, then continue reading.

A. Life line

It originates between our index finger and thumb. It represents the lifespan of an individual.

1. A small deep line

An individual can effortlessly manipulate.

2. A large deep line

It represents a well balanced life and good health and strength.

3. A faint line

It represents less amount of stamina in an individual.

4. A broken line

It represents some upcoming tragedy in life.

5. A chained line

It may represent some emotional and physical trauma.

6. Multiple lines

It represents high amount of energy and that one has already met his soulmate.

7. No lifeline

Such people do not know how to deal with trauma.

B. The Heart line

Located above lifeline, this line is also well-known as love line. It originates below the pinky line and extends till index finger.

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1. Long line

Such people are open minded and expects less.

2. Extra long line

Such people are dependent, especially when in a relationship.

3. Short line

These are reserved and introvert kind of people.

4. A deep line

They have a tensed and stressful life.

5. A deep straight line

These people easily get jealous.

6. Straight and parallel to head line

Such people have a great control over their emotions.

7. Wavy line

These people have multiple relationships, however never a serious one.

8. Double parallel line

These people are both practical and romantic.

C. Head line

Also known as wisdom line. It originates between thumb and index finger and is located above lifeline.

1. A long line

They fall into list of intelligent and people with sharper memory.

2. Very long line

They are perfect examples of self organized but self centered people.

3. Short line

They must look and change themselves first.

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4. Sloped or curved line

These are romantic and realistic people.

5. Thin line

These people fall into the category of dreamer.

6. Broken line

Such people are mentally disturbed and deeply affected .

D. Other small lines

It represents a bright future and a perfect career.

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