Top 25 Super Quick Beauty hacks Just For You

Same trouble everyday. Waking up and running towards daily chores. But, what if you can give some time to look much beautiful than you look right now. No, we’re not asking for hours, it’s just a matter of minutes and you can look at the new you. Let’s discover 25 such super quick beauty tricks that will make people think about you all the time.

1. Thickening those eyelashes

This is the fastest way to get those thick lashes you have always wanted. No false lashes needed to do this little trick.

2. Mascara as liner

All of a sudden , you realise you’re out of liner. What to do is exactly what we’re gonna tell you. Use your liner.

3. Easy smokey eyes

We all do love those smokey eyes , but most of us find it tough and time taking. Well then you surely don’t know this trick. This trick will help you get them in no time.

4. Baggy dark circles

We all often sleep late, don’t we. But the next day , we get these unwanted under eye baggy dark circles. But, we have the concealer. Well, many don’t know the right way to use one. Look down.

5. Gel liner

You don’t need to go to a shop and buy an expensive gel liner when you have one at home. Yup , and that’s your kohl pencil.

6. How to make perfume last all day long

Another trick you would love to know. After a while the perfume fades away and leaves you disheartened. Well, the smell of the perfume does matter, but also where you apply it can make a large difference.

7. Pucker up your lips

After using all that color on your lips , you can give it a bit more attention to make it look smooth and puckered up look. All you need is a brush and some loose powder with a tissue paper.

8. Hydrate skin while you sleep

After the hectic day you had, you need water and so does your skin. Don’t overlook that. To make your skin alive again, you can apply the desired amount of moisturizer in the night itself.

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9. Red for the lips

If you don’t have time for any life hack, just go for this one. That red lipstick in your drawer can draw more than enough glamour to your face.

10. Shower the night before

That’s the coolest idea to save time in the morning. You can’t devote an hour bathing in the morning but you can do it in the night time. Shower well and go to bed. It will also relax you from all the day drama.

11. The ideal messy bun

Well, messy bun aren’t meant to be messy. You have to make it very carefully with the right amount of mess. Sounds interesting. Well a messy bun is something you can rely upon in a hurry . It looks sporty and sexy at the same time.

12. Line and curl at the same time

It’s very very easy to do. You don’t even have to do any fixes and all. Just use those eyelashes curler and look beautiful.

13. Perfect lines every time

Yes you read that right . Even in the most “hurry up” time , you can get the perfect lines. Follow the step below and know how.

14. A card for tidiness

An amazing hack to prevent blacking out your entire eyes when you’re in a hush. You need a card and your hands.

15. The 5 minute makeup

The five minute basic makeup can be your major booster. You just need to apply the basics. Contour , conceal and liner. Also a lip balm can define your lips very well.

16. Save the mascara

You don’t need to throw away that dried up mascara always. You can very well save it and use it. All you need is some contact solution with water.

17. Waterproof eye makeup remover

Get rid of that stubborn makeup at home just by using this hack. And wear makeup without the stress of removing it . Because removing makeup is no more a pain.

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18. Whiten yellow nails

Well , we know this pain of getting discoloured nails after continued usage of nail polishes and other stuff. But here’s the priceless solution to it. All you need to prepare this all natural mixture is some baking soda, some hot water and hydrogen peroxide solution.

19. Quick tricky curls

We love those smooth soft curls. They look elegant and pretty. However , we can’t style them everyday in parlour. And at home we have the problem of how to do it cleanly. Well we have the steps assembled that may help you.

20. Gradient nails

Nail art has been a part of fashion trends and it also looks pretty cool. But creating a gradient nail is a bit of problem when you don’t know how.

21. Glitter nail polish remover

This is a bit of problematic because commonly used remover has to be used in a large quantity to get rid of it. But here’s an easy way with acetone and some aluminium foil.

22. Curls without heat

Seemingly impossible , but nothing is impossible. And this is quite a simple trick. All you need is a band.

23. The toothbrush

So how many uses do you know of a toothbrush rather than as a tooth cleaner. Maybe many , but maybe not this one. Toothbrush can be used for styling your hair too.

24. Easy hair up do

Yes we wanna look beautiful and glamorous, but we’re of the lazy group. For people of such mentalities, we have this easy hair up do.

25. Makeup on the go

Woke up too late? No time to stay home even for 5 minutes ? Then that is exactly what you need to do. You can’t apply eyeliner but can do some basics and give yourself a glamorous look. Apply some lip balm or gloss. Use face powder and a light blush.

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