What Does Your Partner Want- Love Or Lust

We have all heard of the butterflies in the stomach when we see our special someone. But do you know, that the gut feeling can also occur when the feeling is lust instead of love. You can never differentiate between love and lust with that feel. But the way you respond to them or they respond to you can tell you a lot about your relationship status. Now talking about the differences between love and lust , we have enlisted some of their traits. If you are a newbie in the love theory, this may help you figure out your actual emotions and also what your significant other wants from you.

1. What he wants?

What does he do when he is around you? The answer to this can give you a simple yet major answer about the reason he is with you. If he appreciates you or cuddles with you, then you got the right man. He loves you. But if he constantly tries to get touchy, you know what the other option is.

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2. Cares for you

If he cares for what you wear or how you look , well that’s not exactly love. Love is when he cares about your safety, your health, happiness and needs . That’s the simplicity of love.

3. Shares responsibility

From doing housework to buying vegetables, if you both share the work load and don’t throw work at each other, then you’re in an absolutely loving relationship.

4. Thinks of you

You’re always in your man’s mind even if he isn’t thinking about you , in that case , it’s something we call love. Whereas if their is lust, you only think about them when you need them. Also, when in love, your man will always suggest you to never go alone with another man . It does sounds possessive , however it’s true and it’s only because he cares for you.

5. Enjoys your company

If he smiles with you without any reason , well then he is in love with you because love can be that stupid. When he wants to be with you whenever possible and enjoys your presence, he loves you for sure. Otherwise he is a total jerk.

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6. Doesn’t want to change you

If he likes you the way you’re and never tries to change you, then you’re with the right man. He doesn’t demands you to look sexy all the time and in a way you’re not comfortable. No matter how crazy you’re, he always loves you.

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